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Self-defense depends on numerous factors, related to the severity of the threat on hand, but also on the physical and mental preparation of the defender.

The single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to educate yourself. That means YOU must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it. There are only guidelines, applications and principles that can help you survive altercations but there is NO GUARANTEE that you won’t get hurt, arrested or killed in the process.
To get the most out of strength training for self-defense, you’ll need full-body workouts and nothing beats the invigorating feeling of training outdoors in the fresh air of Mother Nature. Most of the workouts consist of your own body weight along with a small array of weights, medicine balls, jump ropes and a whole lot of open land to run, jump and workout. Plus you get personal training at no additional cost and you never have to wait to use any equipment. We provide tough, fun and challenging workouts that will work every muscle in the body, making you feel amazing both physically and mentally. There are plenty of physically ripped people that can’t punch worth a damn, and more than a few "black belts" whose knowledge of their style is only exceeded by their Body Mass Index. The goal is not to get you ripped but rather give you larger, functional muscles that respond when you need them.

Personal safety is all about survival and knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones in every and any way possible. Remember 

knowledge is power and you're best self-defense is to know your environment, figuring out what kind of threats or danger you are MOST likely to face and preparing for them. Educate yourself, both mentally and physically on personal safety. And implement a plan that will reduce the chances of you or your loved ones becoming a victim of crime. Most of it is common sense once you understand what the risk factors are and the type of implications that your decisions and/or actions can cause. ​Here at Defensivefit we follow Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting System curriculum and teach you the same skills he has taught the Navy Seals, law enforcement and government agencies.

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